Agent Mortic Wentway is a member of the Department of WhatThe, formerly a member of the Department of Mary Sues. He is written by Huinesoron.


Prior to joining the PPC, Mortic was a member of an organisation known only as 'the Order.' Precisely what this is is unknown, but it is able to confer significant powers on its members, up to and including immortality. Mortic's exact age is also unknown (although his body is aged around twenty-one), but in his reminiscings he has previously let slip that he worked with the Order to sort out the hassle over The Exodus, and that this is not his earliest memory.

Radio PlaysEdit

In the PPC Playscripte Radio Play, Mortic was voiced by Huinesoron.

Mission ReportsEdit

Mortic's missions with the DMS are not recorded.

Home: Huinesoron's Webplex ('Department of WhatThe' section)

Mortic also appears in the Reorganisation and Crashing Down sagas, and the three PPC Playscriptes.

Partnered with Elanor LaisonEdit

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