The Musée des Univers Perdus ("Museum of Lost Universes") is a museum and bookstore specializing in works from lost civilizations, such as Ancient Rome or Gallifrey. The building has a very impressive exterior, and yet the inside is even larger, with a high enough ceiling to have its own weather systems on occasion; the precise means with which this was accomplished are a source of debate among the PPC. Its floors are marble, and it has a ceiling of glass.

The Musée is located in New Caledonia, and its head curator is Dr. Cornelius, an old man who was the sixteenth agent to join the PPC; apparently famous during his prime years, he tends to take any excuse to remind people of his past exploits, especially his put-upon assistant Lorelei. He has a somewhat gruff, old-fashioned demeanour, with a tendency to grumble about how he's now stuck behind a desk, and often has difficulty telling people's genders, but is fairly reasonable when it comes to running his library.


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