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New Caledonia is a French Overseas Territory in the Real World. It is also the location which the PPC uses as the earthly address of Headquarters. Quite why this particular spot was picked is entirely unknown.

More about the real New Caledonia on Wikipedia.

Location Edit

The door to HQ shown in the image is located in the mountains of Poya, New Caledonia, around the coordinates 21°16'21.4"S, 165°07'50.6"E. There are other doors elsewhere in the world.

Google Earth .kml file showing the door pictured.

Layout Edit

Streets Edit


Map of the city

Known streets in the PPC city in New Caledonia are:

  • East-West
    • The Rue des Fleurs (base line)
    • The Rue Dafydd Illian
    • The Rue Bart Ronson
    • The Rue Ella Darcy
  • North-South
    • The Rue Jay Thorntree (base line)
    • The Rue Imbolc Telyan
    • The Rue Fait-des-Choses
    • The Rue Salok

Businesses Edit

  • Tour Prend Pion Pawnshop is located at 104 Rue Fait-des-Choses du Nord.
  • Chez Thorondil is one of the first businesses opened in the town centre. The exact location is unknown.
  • Big Murphy's store can be found on a corner of the Rue Ella Darcy, not far from the aforementioned park. Big Murphy himself lives in a flat close to the store.
  • The Yertis's division of the DIA is presumably based somewhere in the city.
  • A sporting venue called the Multiversal Sportplex is somewhere in the city according to the Multiverse Monitor, hosting boxing and other athletic events.
  • There is a nightclub in the city, called Aujourd'hui.

Restaurants Edit

The city boasts a decently-sized eating district with restaurants and eateries to suit all tastes and continua. Some of these include Nakamura's and La Trattoria for Japanese and Italian food, the Redwall-influenced Abbot's Bakery which specialises in pastries, and Deepdelver's Tavern, a Discworld-style establishment that serves rat-based food.

Other Sites Edit

  • The Hospital is located at the intersection of the Rue Dafydd Illian and the Rue Imbolc Telyan.
  • There is a clock tower on the northeast corner of the intersection of the Rue Jay Thorntree and Rue des Fleurs.
  • There is a park at the intersection of the Rue Jay Thorntree and Rue Ella Darcy.
  • Agent Monty's pond is to the west of town.
  • The Musée des Univers Perdus is in the city.
  • There is at least one TARDIS dock.
  • A cemetery on a hill, where the grave of Makes-Things is located. Given the return of Makes-Things and his own insistence that he never died to begin with, it's unknown just who is buried in "his" grave; agents have tried to find out, but the DIA's New Caledonia division have guards posted at the cemetery at all times to prevent whomever is buried from being exhumed.

Other Uses Edit

Macrovirus Epidemic Edit

Main article: 2008 Macrovirus Epidemic

When the League of Mary Sue Factories unleashed a macrovirus in Headquarters, the city became a hub for agents, each needing somewhere to park their TARDIS and meet with friends while HQ was under quarantine.

Accommodation Edit

Increasingly, the city in New Caledonia is being turned over to residential areas, particularly for agents with families. In contrast to the traditional response center, the city provides a reasonably stable, reasonably sane environment for children to be raised in, while still giving their parents rapid access to HQ.

Clicking Edit

Clicking on any of the links below will take you to the PPC HQ MiniCity in New Caledonia. However, you need to choose your link carefully – your first visit to the site every day (French time) will give the city +1 of the thing you click the link for. You only get one click per day, so choose wisely!

As of April, 2014, we need more population and security.

If you click on a link and find that something is needed, or that something is no longer needed, then please return here and edit the above line accordingly.

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