A nurse in the PPC is someone who works in Medical or FicPsych. They are the ones who help agents stay at least functionally insane and in less than several pieces.

The term has relatively little bearing on actual training or skill, at least not in Real World terms, since the title of doctor appears to be reserved for Directors Fitzgerald and Freedenberg, respectively. Therefore, some nurses may have skills equivalent to those of someone with a Ph.D./M.D., and others may not. Nurse Marian McKay in Medical, for instance, is a qualified surgeon.

It is not a good idea to mess with any of the nurses. They know how to use weapons, too, and the fact that they can always make your stay in either department very unpleasant is an incentive to keep a peace with them.

Known Nurses Edit

These people work or have worked as nurses in either FicPsych or Medical—occasionally, both.

In FicPsych Edit

Main article: FicPsych Personnel

In Medical Edit


References Edit

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