The Nursery is run by the Department of Operations. It is there to help raise the younger children of agents and children rescued from badfics, whether they were caused by MPreg, a pregnant Sue or a Sue with children, or bit characters dragged along with the Sue.

The Nursery also has a daycare component which takes care of and educates the older children. This includes or leads into the classes known colloquially as "agent training" (not to be confused with the training new recruits receive), which is run by Professor Beans. Jenn, one of the first children born in Headquarters, took part in these lessons (along with Blythe, Terry, Bal and Kaitlyn).

It can be presumed that the Nursery helps to produce many second-generation agents.

The PresentEdit

Currently the Nursery is known to be home to the following, alphabetized by last name:

Current WorkersEdit

  • Benjamin Roberts is a known worker.
  • Helena Rice is known to be part of the Nursery staff, working with the children on the verge of being old enough to become active agents.
  • Miss MacKinnon is part of the daycare staff.
  • Professor Beans works with the older children. He runs the program for teaching them the skills prerequisite to becoming agents.
  • Teyala Solnerii is one of the workers assigned to supervise toddlers and newborns. She also assists with bureaucratic matters and coordinates with agents who wish to become adoptive parents.
  • Wobbles helps at the Nursery and runs a children's TV show for the residents, doing missions for the Department of Floaters in order to keep her programme funded.

The FutureEdit

The Nursery is known to be operating in the timeframe of Ten Years Hence, with numerous classes split by age or maturity. Elanor Laison works there, and her children, Elisabeth Laison and Mary Wentway, are taught there.


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