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Origin is the original homeworld of the Flowers.

System Edit

The planet Origin was located in a distant part of the universe, orbiting around a binary system of a sun-like yellow star and a black hole.[1] Due to the local abundance of plotholes, Origin had an atmosphere similar to that of World One.[1] A rare[1] plothole to Earth seeded it with a range of plants, from both the Old and New Worlds.

During the time of the Flowers, a single City was built on Origin. It consisted of two halves: the civilian sector known as the Garden, or disparagingly as Downland, and the engineering sector called the Works. The Works centered on the Hill where the Sunflower Official first awoke, and was later renamed Headquarters.[2]

History Edit

Origin began its existence as a dead, empty planet. At a certain time, a wooden ship from Earth was carried to Origin by plothole.[3] The ship was loaded with seeds from both sides of the Atlantic, which spread across Origin.[1] The crew all died on the journey, but their mnemonic traces remained to be later read by the Flowers.

A series of bursts of radiation transformed the flora of Origin into the sentient Flowers known today, with the Sunflower Official being the first of the Firstborn.[4] It was on Origin that the Organisation was founded, and the Civil War took place. The planet was later destroyed during the Cascade due to the rapid proliferation of the plothole network undermining its structural integrity.

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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