The PPC Badfic Game is a more or less annual event on the Board in which Boarders assume the personas of badficcers and write horrible fanfiction about the PPC for yuks. This includes reviewing each other's badfic in-character, which makes it sort of a role-play. The completed chapters are archived at Fanfic World, which is maintained by the Fanfic World Admin.

Permission is not required to take part in the Badfic Game; nor does anyone require permission to write about anyone else's agents for the purpose of the game. Badficcers don't ask the authors' permission to write fanfic, after all. However, if anyone requests that their characters not be used in the game (or in general, a la Stormsong and Skyfire), their request should be respected.

The game has historically taken place in either July or September, once in October, but could presumably be started at any time in that late summer/early fall range, provided no other big event is happening at the time. Huinesoron has typically been the one to start it, but that doesn't mean you can't if you want to.

Links Edit

Past Threads on the Board

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