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Moments from the Chatroom may be quoted here for fond remembrance, or just because it was funny at the time.

Planning AheadEdit

(01:14) July -PPC Camping Trip?
(01:14) DML - HEY! That'd be great!
(01:15) July - Maine?
(01:15) Dann - Could be amusing.
(01:15) Plat - No one wants to visit Plat, huh?
(01:15) VM - Maine!
(01:15) Guvnor - Dude. Camping trip in the Adirondaks.
(01:15) DML - There's a place up here in Ontario that's called Silent Lake.
(01:15) VM - Mount Desert Island!
(01:15) DML - Motorboats are banned on it.
(01:15) July - Day 3: VM ran off with the bees.
(01:15) VM - ...What?
(01:15) DML - It's really, really peaceful and quiet and the whole place is really pretty.
(01:15) July - Day 4: Have lost sight of DML. Suspect bears.
(01:15) DML - Heh. Well,
(01:15) VM - XD
(01:15) DML - if any bears come,
(01:15) DML - you'll hear something like this: [Video]
(01:15) VM - (they're fuzzy!)
(01:16) July - Day 5: Have discovered that VM is now queen of the bees. We should probably call this trip off.
(01:16) Dann - Day 6: Dann has gone insane from lack of wifi
(01:16) Plat - Do I get to go to the camping trip?
(01:16) July - Day 7: Plat barbequed all of the tents. Taste ropey.
(01:16) Makari giggles in the background.
(01:16) Plat - Man, I bet I'd make those things delicious
(01:17) VM - Day 8: There are drums, drums in the deep.
(01:17) Caddy - XD
(01:17) July - Day 9: In an attempt to get internet access, Dann has set the forest on fire.
(01:17) Guvnor - Day 10: They have taken the bridge
(01:17) July - Day 10: We are escorted from the national park and told not to return.
(01:18) VM - Reality split!
(01:18) July is pretty sure that is how it would go.
(01:18) DML - Ha ha ha ha ha!
(01:18) Plat - Day 11: We found another park.
(01:18) Makari - Yep. That went well. :D
(01:18) Guvnor - Yeah, that's why we need to go the the Adirondaks. It's a STATE park. Things would go completely different there.
(01:18) Plat - There's a wildlife preserve behind my house.
(01:19) VM - Quick, somebody find a protractor!
(01:19) DML - Day 12: DML completely deforested the park. No official count on the ammunition expended in the process has been released, however ammunition prices are on the rise globally.
(01:19) July - XD
(01:19) July - I vote for Plat's house!
(01:19) Dann - Day 13: Dann is building a spaceship from the wood, muttering about hacking NASA
(01:19) Plat - Yay!
(01:20) Plat - There's a well to hide bodies, too!
(01:20) DML - Which state is it? I want to look on Google Maps...
(01:20) July - Because if there's a wildlife preserve right behind it, it means that Dann can have safe wifi access nearby.
(01:20) VM - Wifi on Mount Desert Island is great, unless you're on the wrong side of a cliff.
(01:20) Caddy - Day 14: Cadmar was found filming our entire trip with cameras all over the place.
(01:20) July does think that a PPC camping trip would be hilarious.
(01:21) Dann - It would be quite fun.

Quotes about SanityEdit

(1:47:15 PM) Elorie: Maybe it's just the beginning signs of insanity? Whaa, the PPC is showing its effect.

(1:47:23 PM) ***Elorie worries.

(1:47:35 PM) Gen: Next, a magical lioplurodon will show up.

(1:47:42 PM) Techno-Dann: I'll have you know, I know PPCers, both retired and non, who are perfectly sane.

(1:47:46 PM) Gen: *has revealed just how strange she is*

(1:47:49 PM) Techno-Dann: Well, maybe not perfectly sane.

(1:47:54 PM) Elorie: And yes, that'd be a great business idea.

(1:47:55 PM) Gen: Stark raving sane.

(1:47:58 PM) Techno-Dann: They certainly seem to be getting along just fine, though.

Quotes on SPaGEdit

Gattsuru, Max, JulianosEdit

21:01 gattsuru: Is there a strong preference for World 1? I'd expect it to be the other way around, but I want to check before I end up editing much.

21:01 MAXinsanity: I expected it to be the other way around too

21:01 MAXinsanity: Complete words ftw

21:01 MAXinsanity: S***

21:01 MAXinsanity: I mean For the win

21:01 Julianos: heh

21:01 MAXinsanity: facepalms

Plat, Neshomeh, Gen, DannEdit

20:04 Plat - [1]

20:04 Gen - *sporfle*

20:04 Neshomeh foams at the mouth.

20:04 Gen - Neshomeh, do you have rabies?

20:05 Neshomeh - Yes. Misused quotation marks can give you rabies, didn't you know that?

20:05 Gen - Oh, no. I have rabies now. D:

20:05 Neshomeh - Arglarglargle!

20:05 Gen - *flails*

20:05 Dann gives Gen and Neshomeh rabies shots.

DML on Urplefic Edit

[15:03] DML It's not urple prose, or an urple cloud...

[15:04] DML it's a factor-five urple hurricane doped up on hurricaneroids and fuelled with the combined arsenals of the United States and the Soviet Union at the peak of their nuclear might with a whole lot of unintentional hilarity thrown in for good measure.

Quotes About LoveEdit

Maslab, jack117 and JulyEdit

(8:08:36 AM) Maslab: Why, oh why did they have to put the Q so close to the 1!?

(8:08:45 AM) jack117: o_o

(8:08:59 AM) jack117: its QWERTY bitch!

(8:10:37 AM) Maslab: QWERTY can suck it!

(8:30:56 AM) JulySleeps: ?

(8:34:56 AM) JulySleeps: Who's courting who now?

(8:35:23 AM) Maslab: ohai July

(8:35:34 AM) Maslab: And what's this about courting?

(8:35:43 AM) jack117: I'm courting Maslab

(8:35:49 AM) jack117: he's the only boy for me

(8:36:39 AM) You are now known as July

(8:36:40 AM) July: Congratulations on your new found love, Maslab.

(8:36:59 AM) Maslab: yeeg

Calista, Miah and doctorlitEdit

(21:07 PM) Calista: Yeah, random slash (or random het) for no good reason drives me up the wall.

(21:07 PM) Calista: It's like they think it's not a good fic if they can't squish romance into it somewhere.

(21:07 PM) Miah: They really don't have to shoehorn that in all the time

(21:07 PM) doctorlit: Good point, random het is just as bad.

(21:07 PM) Calista: It's awkward.

(21:08 PM) Calista: I mean, they're running from zombies. Now is not the time to figure out that they like boys.

Quotes RandomEdit

Doctorlit's GoatsEdit

Shoe: Is she still a little goat or is she a grown-up now?
doctorlit: Still pretty little, but she's getting a wiiiiiiide belly.
Shoe: Is she pregnant or just fat?
*** TopHatOfDoom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
*** TopHatOfDoom joined #PPC
Shoe: ...
***Shoe made awkward happen. What I /meant/ was...well, that, but in a more polite way
***TopHatOfDoom tilts their head quizzically.
TopHatOfDoom: I think I missed something
***Shoe was asking about goats
*** Eylk joined #PPC
VM: ...Shoe, it's not impolite when it's a /goat/.
Eylk: I've walked in on /worse/ parts of conversations.
TopHatOfDoom: Suddenly, I'm not sure I want to know

Artell and jack117Edit

(7:09:40 AM) ***jack117 runs around with his hair on fire

(7:10:04 AM) ***Artell whips out an extinguisher and clobbers jack's head with it.

(7:10:21 AM) jack117: was that necessary?

(7:12:16 AM) Artell: well it stopped you running around with your hair on fire, no?

(7:12:39 AM) jack117: my hair is still on fire

(7:12:45 AM) Artell: details!

Astral VoidEdit

(1:33 PM) Astral Void: After all, when one is trying to kiss a burlesque dancer with bigger tracts of land than Scotland, glitter really is the best...

EllipsisFlood, Tray-Gnome, and KittyNoodlesEdit

(06:38 AM) KittyNoodles - You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?

(06:39 AM) EllipsisFlood - Elrond with glorious bbq-scented mutton chops.

(06:39 AM) KittyNoodles - Do you know which mutton chops I'm referring to?

(06:39 AM) Tray-Gnome - "Sorry about the pun. They have me on some hardcore pain meds right now."

(06:39 AM) EllipsisFlood - Pfft

(06:40 AM) EllipsisFlood - Unless that's a creepy euphemism, the ones on his face.

(06:40 AM) Tray-Gnome - Poor Jeph.


(06:40 AM) KittyNoodles - I WANT TO TOUCH THEM.

(06:40 AM) Tray-Gnome - Pfffffff. EF.

(06:40 AM) Tray-Gnome - When /isn't/ it a creepy euphemism?

(06:40 AM) EllipsisFlood - When isn't anything a creepy euphemism? *nudge nudge*


(06:40 AM) Tray-Gnome - *nudgenudge*

(06:41 AM) Tray-Gnome - Oh yes, we know /all/ about those.

(06:41 AM)  KittyNoodles can't stop staring at the--- TRAY-GNOME

(06:41 AM) Tray-Gnome excuses himself to have a laughing fit

(06:41 AM) KittyNoodles - BAD TRAY-GNOME

(06:41 AM) EllipsisFlood - Hum, are we in the gutter now?


(06:41 AM) KittyNoodles - *WEIRD

(06:41 AM) Tray-Gnome - <|83

Maslab and KittyEden Edit

17:32     KittyEden - At the moment, I'm juggling between chatting in here, working on my fanfic, /reading/ fanfic, and homework.

17:32     KittyEden - Also, my Halloween costume.

17:33     KittyEden - Such is the life of a fangirl.

17:34     Maslab - Hehehe

17:34     KittyEden - I'm tossing up between going as the Empty Child

17:34     KittyEden - or the most terrifying thing known to mankind.

17:35     Maslab - A regular child?

17:35     KittyEden - No.

17:35     KittyEden - THE TRUTH.

17:35     KittyEden - Well, that or a radioactive gizzly bear.

17:37     Maslab - Terrifying

17:37     Maslab - I can imagine though

17:37     Maslab - They open the door

17:37     Maslab - And you say "you are now several seconds closer to death and the nothingness that awaits beyond it."

17:37     Maslab - "I mean, trick or treat!"

17:37     KittyEden - Hell yeah.

17:37     KittyEden - I am /doing/ that.

17:38     KittyEden - Of course, my friend will be there too.

17:38     KittyEden - I can imagine her reaction.

17:38     KittyEden - "Kitty. Have you gone insane again? Do we need to give you your meds? Or make you sit through another day-long Doctor Who marathon?"

17:39     Maslab - "Nothing can stave off the cold emptiness that awaits all of us."

17:42     KittyEden is laughing hysterically.

17:43     Maslab - :3

17:43     KittyEden - Good job. Now I shall go as the TRUTH.

17:43     Maslab - \o/

17:43     KittyEden - Well, that or a Radioactive Girxxly bear.

17:43     KittyEden - Grizzly*

17:43     Maslab brings terror to Australians from 9000 miles away

17:44     KittyEden - Or both!

17:44     Maslab - "Aww, isn't radiation deadly to bears, too?"


17:44     Maslab - "Life is deadly to everyone."

17:44     KittyEden - THIS HALLOWEEN]

17:44     Maslab - 

17:44     KittyEden - FIND OUT HOW MUCH OF YOU IS YOU


17:44     KittyEden - STARRING:


17:45     KittyEden pounces on Maslab.

17:45     Maslab starts up The Raid 2

17:45     Maslab is pounced upon!

17:45     KittyEden - You cannot escape the TRUTH

17:45     Maslab lies to himself!

17:45     Maslab it's not very effective...

17:46     KittyEden - Because I /am/ the truth!

Mirrors Edit

Maslab - 8:49 PM - If you say "darkness" like that three times in a mirror then bad HP fic will appear and whine at you

Iximaz - 8:51 PM - I hear if you say "Cursed Child" three times in front of a mirror the Ghost of Christmas Canon appears and rips your tongue out for saying its name

Half-Wit And Wisdom: The Tao of Scape Edit

Scape- Tiny buzzsaws cannot cook, but they can feel the deep hurt of inadequacy.

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