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Location of the planet Earth in the Sol system, Milky Way galaxy, World One. Probably.

For the sake of argument, the Real World may be understood as the one that contains the server that hosts this wiki. Usually people referring to the Real World have the planet Earth in mind, but they may also be referring to the entire space-time continuum in which Earth resides. It is where many agents (presumably) come from and where the people who chronicle those agents eat their tea. It is also (usually) the world by which the HQ Standard Timeline is determined.

When the name of a Real World figure is misspelled in a fanfiction, the resulting mini is simply a shrunken-down version of that person.

Variants Edit

Though the Real World always contains Earth, Earth is not always in the Real World. "Alternate Earth" is the setting for many a canon, including fantasy continua like Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; realistic continua like House, M.D. and NCIS; and also sci-fi continua like Star Trek, Stargate, and Farscape, which don't limit themselves to the planet Earth, but take place almost entirely elsewhere in the galaxy, sometimes even elsewhere in the universe.

HQ Access Edit

The Department of External Security numbering system refers to the Real World as World One. There are a number of PPC-related locations in it. One of the access points to HQ, Door 1-Cym-3, is located in Wales in this world. Additionally, the PPC city in New Caledonia is presumed to be sited in the Real World, although no one has yet bothered to go and check. It is said that Agent Christianne Shieh appeared in HQ via New Caledonia.

Missions in this ContinuumEdit

Fics that take place in the Real World tend to be Real Person Fics or fics that involve trans-dimensional snatching. The former sort is no longer handled by the PPC but is listed here; the latter sort can be found listed under the characters' home continua.

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