Agent Sam Apple is a member of the Department of Mary Sues and is written by Huinesoron. Due to the fact that Sam's origins are in a playscript, with the character designed to be played either male or female, this agent has not been given a definite gender.

In the PPC Playscripte Radio Play, Sam is voiced by JulyFlame.

History Edit


Prior to joining the DMS, Sam worked in the Department of Intelligence, partnered with Traf Elosia. During an excursion to a continuum normally outside of the PPC's influence, Traf recruited Dassie Hyrax, who became her new partner, and Sam, who had previously professed a desire to leave the DoI, was transferred.


In 2002, Sam was partnered with Alex Orange; the two had previously worked together on the DIS Central infiltration team during the Reorganisation. In 2004, the pair decided to transfer to the Department of Internal Affairs, but quickly changed their minds. On May 24th, 2006, Alex and Sam were caught in the blackout that heralded the beginning of the invasion of the Black Cats. These adventures are chronicled in the PPC Playscriptes.

Appearances Edit

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