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Scientists work in either the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research or the Medical Research Division. It is not uncommon for scientists to find themselves working for both of these departments, as their numbers are very small—about twenty in the DMSE&R, twenty-five in the MRD.

Not all scientists are Mad Scientists, but many are.

Department of Mary Sue Experiments and ResearchEdit

Scientists in the DMSE&R experiment on Mary Sues to discover how they function, their genetic traits, and most importantly how to detect and kill them.

Rumour suggests that the DMSE&R keeps a small number of Sues in an undisclosed location within HQ itself for experimental purposes. What is known is that they do maintain a heavily soundproofed room for causing explosions. They are also known to use the room to inflict pain upon their test subjects—often the same Mary Sues kept in that undisclosed location in HQ. It would be in your best interests to not go searching for the location.

Medical Research DivisionEdit

Scientists in the MRD are the ones who do such vital jobs as improving bleep products and testing the drugs used by the Medical Department. Because HQ contains such a vast range of agent species, with more constantly being added, this is a never-ending task.

The only known non-Flower member of the MRD is Mike Rudd, the lab manager.

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