This agent was removed from continuity by her author, who was later banned.

September is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Bramandin.

Agent ProfileEdit


5’4, blonde, dark eyes, average built


September Johnson came from an artist colony, where the ideal personality type was Manic Pixie Dreamgirl. Since September was a more down-to-earth type, she was a bit of an outcast. She's also shy and often unsure of herself. She doesn't seem to have any special artistic talent.

September likes to look for the positives in stories, or find ways to make them better. She doesn’t mention it out loud because Kelly gets annoyed. For salvageable stories, she writes letters to the authors. These letters ideally should be good concrit and something that could reasonably be shown to the author.


Her peers started being nicer to her when she started working in the print shop at age 15, but she wouldn’t have messed with their orders even if they had kept snubbing her. When she was 19, she encountered a PPC recruiter at a job fair.

Meta-history Edit

She was based off of a first attempt at writing, which was an original fic inspired by X-men, To Ride Pegasus, and some random story about a house that was on a stop of the Underground Railroad. Her namesake was nicknamed... I can't remember, (maybe Shift,) but another character who had the same powers was called Polt as in Poltergeist. September doesn't retain her powers or her memory, having been re-created from scratch save for the name.

Joining the PPC Edit

Because September came from a world that was indistinguishable from World One save for the lack of one book that may have existed in another form, she needed a Reality Filter injection. She didn't get it right away, and had an episode that didn't leave any lasting damage.

Mission ReportsEdit

Partnered with Kelly StoneEdit

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