Smurly was a receptionist in the Department of Personnel. He was created by Leelee, Meir Brin, and Saphie.

Character Profile Edit

Smurly is a two-foot-tall ceramic garden gnome with a red hat and suspenders. He is both sapient and animate, though he still has the appearance of a painted figurine. His responsibilities included helping to match new recruits with agents looking for partners. This is a thankless job in which one must deal with all manner of cluelessness and insanity, so it is no surprise that it made him a little short-tempered and inclined to glaring, sneering, and a certain amount of vindictive creativity when making assignments.

He once constructed a large, brightly colored sculpture representing all of the PPC's departments by their insignia, which stood in the Headquarters lobby. It took him three months to make it, and it took Agent Saphie Ellings three seconds to shatter it into a thousand pieces when she slipped and crashed into it. This, perhaps, was the last straw for Smurly's career, for he has not been heard from since.

Appearances Edit

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