Agent T'Zar is a Vulcan from Star Trek, specifically The Original Series. She was originally written by Tawaki, and is now written by Zingenmir.

She is the widow of Agent Salok, who died in the Assimilation Crisis. She was devastated, but muddled through in the Vulcan way. She worked with Agent Tadkeeta in the Department of Geographical Aberrations for at least a year and a half between 2006 and March 2008, before being reassigned to a new partner. Some time after that, T'Zar was reassigned again. This time she was partnered with Agent Dawn McKenna, who later left DOGA to join the DMS.

She is a licensed Sun Crusher pilot, and in 2007 she and Tadkeeta blew up the Naklab System from the Marrissa Picard series.

(She also had a Mirrorverse counterpart).

Agent HistoryEdit


  • early - Dawn is transferred to the DMS; T'Zar is re-partnered with Abaddon.
  • May 18 - Dawn is confused by T'Zar's description of a mission (borderline canonical)
  • September 27 - T'Zar and Abaddon are visited by Dawn and Zeb.
  • March - T'Zar attends the annual Purim party with Abaddon.
  • March - Dawn comes to T'Zar for advice.


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