Boy's actions, however, suggest undying love for scurrilous pirate. Really? Boy smacking scurrilous pirate upside the head with an oar and leaving him at the mercy of his mutinous crew suggests an undying love for the scurrilous pirate? Could never've guessed. Guess we express love differently in boring old New Zealand. pigeonarmy 12:44, April 16 2008 (NZT).

Clearly you're not looking at it as the average 17 year old rabid fangirl would. A smack upside the head with an oar is a sign of affection, and saving someone from being hanged means you're married to 'em. Pads 11am 16/4/08 (BST)

  • Apparently, that was once a way to save a man from being hanged. That is, if the historical fiction I read as a kid wasn't too fictional and too little historical. Hasse Simonsdochter saves a man from the gallows by shouting out: I forbid. She's married to him right then and there and both are banished from the town. Indemaat 03:20, 17 April 2008 (CDT)

The age difference between Cdre. Norrington and Elizabeth really isn't out of the ordinary or that terrible. Seven or eight years, really, could take a lieutenant to captaincy if he was clever at his exams and managed to distinguish himself in battle. Glass 00:16, 16 May 2008 (CDT)

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