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  • I have found some Neal slashfics on that may or may not be badfic.

I'm not quite sure. But, here they are if you want to take a look:


Summary - Neal reflects on his upcoming marriage with Yuki, ending with some interesting and slightly disturbing thoughts. Slash. [One-Shot]

(A short oneshot that details Neal's vague thoughts about Yuki, Joren, and... Dom.)

Forbidden Love:

Summary - Neal's thoughts when the identity of the person he loves is revealed in death. Warning: Slash overtones. Written for The Dancing Dove's SFF Challenge, then forgotten about even to the point of not entering it!

(Another oneshot. Neal/Blayce. Blayce? What gave them that idea?)

Forbidden Love:

Summary - Once upon a time in Neal's bedroom... Dom and Neal get VERY close... too close than normal for cousins. Contains slash [gasp] Please R&R, and I'm open to flames. They make me laugh.

(This is two chapters on Neal/Dom. Sorry, but I think that's worse than the one above. Incest and slash. Aren't you lucky? Also, they both have the same titles. This one is most definitely badfic on my scale, at any rate.)

[1] Lust, Lies, and the Wrong Redhead:

Summary - Neal plans to marry Kel and adopt Cleon as a child. But when all goes wrong due to misunderstandings and evil, plotting, dead men, Neal and Kel have to work together in order to save their ideal future. contains SLASH funny slashbut is still KelNeal (I have no way to summarize this one on my own terms. It's sick, really. There are OOC characters running around everywhere. It isn't written well. There's Kel/Neal, Neal/Cleon, and a probably another dozen or so random pairings there. It practically screams badfic to me.)

[2] It Only Leads to Trouble:

Summary - Neal and Cleon have a cosy chat. This is SLASH - two boys having hot, sweaty fun. All PG, of course *shine*. Snogs and swearing only. Don't read if you expect to be offended. (Repost of an old fic, edited.) (This is the last one I found on It's partially Neal/Cleon and it's very badly OOC.)

Sorry about the long list of information. ~Cinnia Aine~ 22:39, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

  • Yeek. Okay, cheers man. I'll have a look at these over the next while and see if any strike me as missions :) Agenttrojie 00:30, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

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