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Written by: Techno-Dann
Species: Human
Home Continuum: Real World
Department: DoSAT
Position: Senior Technician
Response Center:

Agent Techno-Dann (original name Daniel Hermanson) is a senior technician in the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology. He is written by the Boarder of the same name.

The exact date of his joining the PPC is not known, but some things are: he encountered several Neo Abduction Schemers Treaty of Youth (or NASTY fangirls) on his first day, so it was most likely around the time of the 2003 Mary Sue Invasion. He was recruited by mail, having originally been part of the civilian reporting force. He is particularly fond of Star Trek technology, but failed to impress the Hornbeam with his knowledge during his interview and only got hired because the department was understaffed. However, he later had a hand—possibly all the hands—in creating the crash dummies used in missions to first- and second-person fics.

After the death of Makes-Things in the 2008 Macrovirus Epidemic, Dann was chosen to replace him in the role of the DoSAT's Head Technician. Exactly how he distinguished himself enough to warrant taking over the department's second-highest spot is unclear, but if it impressed the Flowers it had to be good. As of Makes-Things' return to the PPC in 2011, it can be assumed that Dann has returned to his previous position.

During the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion, he disguised himself as Legolas-in-a-Speedo to lure Sues into the cafeteria.

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