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The Multiverse Monitor is a publication distributed in PPC HQ. It has been described as 'regenerating '; every few years, long after the previous version has died, the name is picked up by a new editorial team and attached to some new variant. The Monitor usually seems to operate out of Response Centre #14.

The 2013 IncarnationEdit

The most recent version of the Multiverse Monitor is a news magazine. Its first known edition was released in April 2013 HST. Its Editors work out of RC #2536 and may or may not be operating under the pseudonyms Anon E. Maus and Nita Incog. In-universe, it has been in publication since 2011 HST, as the first published issue has feedback referencing articles in previous issues written. Its 2011 origins were as a 'sporadically printed newsletter', but evidently the printing budget expanded between then and 2013. 

Issue OneEdit

The first edition of the Multiverse Monitor had four cover stories:

It also included the first examples of two regular features:

Issue TwoEdit

The second edition had four cover stories:

  • The continued cleanup of HQ after the Blackout.
  • An upcoming distance learning programme for potential OFU writers, called OFU-squared.
  • A new species of Sue called the Sue Lord, and how the agents involved in its mission defeated it.
  • An interview with Thane Krios from Mass Effect, as a followup to a mission by Agents Xanthus, Anneli, and Cinderella.

Regular features include:

  • Canon Character of the Month: Spock
  • Canon Location of the Month: The Infinite Library, Nanohaverse

New features include:

  • Reviews by Stan Grayston of various artistic endeavours in HQ. In this issue, he reviews "The Glorious Revolution", a stage adaptation of Night Watch that premièred on May 25, 2013.

The 2006-2007 IncarnationEdit

This Multiverse Monitor was a short lived British-style tabloid newspaper that ran for fourteen issues from March 2006 until June 2007, HST. The initial plan was for it to be monthly, but the final six months were on bimonthly basis. At the end of Issue Fourteen, it was announced that the paper would be taking a hiatus until the end of the year. It never started up again.

A running theme in the tabloid, which was edited by Agents Starwind Rohana and Estelnar Celebduin, was supposed debauchery among the Flowers. Whether any of this was true or not remains open to debate, usually somewhere the Flowers can't overhear.

Issue OneEdit

The first issue of the Multiverse Monitor featured two cover stories regarding (the heavily elaborated, if not completely made up) romantic conquests of both the Sunflower Official and Dafydd Illian. Equally notable in this issue is the beginning of a series of Page Three images - in this case, a photo of Agent Suicide in the shower. This issue began the tradition of advertisements, and the leadup to its publication formed part of the plot of the semi-canon PPC Computer Game.

Issue TwoEdit

The second issue of the Multiverse Monitor featured two cover stories - one regarding Agent Keily Shinra suffering from Mary Sue Syndrome, the other a how-to guide for 'Sue taxidermy. This issue also started including letters from readers. It also featured the first 'Lust Object of the Month'.

Issue ThreeEdit

The third issue of the Multiverse Monitor featured two cover stories; one asking about the HQ Pool ('Does it really exist?'), and one claiming to expose the 'secrets of the Plants' - namely, that the Marquis de Sod has 'a few bends in his stem'. This issue was also the first to feature horoscopes.

Issue FourEdit

The fourth issue of the Multiverse Monitor featured two cover stories; one describing the invasion of HQ by a (tiny) Dalek (made of pipecleaners), and one asking who was to replace the Wisteria as Head of Operations. This issue ran immediately after the 2006 invasion of Headquarters.

Issue FiveEdit

The fifth issue

  • Page Three - Agent Charlotte Deline
  • Lust Object of the Month - Éowyn

Issue SixEdit

The sixth issue

Issue SevenEdit

The seventh issue

  • Page Three - Agent Pyro
  • Lust Object of the Month - Draco Malfoy

Issue EightEdit

The eighth issue of the Multiverse Monitor was the Hallowe'en issue.

Issue NineEdit

The ninth issue

  • Page Three - Agent Logan
  • Lust Object of the Month - None

Issue TenEdit

The tenth issue

Issue ElevenEdit

The eleventh issue

Issue TwelveEdit

The twelfth issue

Issue ThirteenEdit

The thirteenth issue

  • Page Three - Agent Simon Jones
  • Lust Object of the Month - None.

Issue FourteenEdit

The fourteenth issue

  • Page Three - None.
  • Lust Object of the Month - None.

The 2003-ish IncarnationEdit

There was a Multiverse Monitor many years ago, sometime around 2003; however, its issues have since been lost to the Internet. It was presented in a single-page news sheet format, and featured (among other things) a Plotbunny Adoption Center. The only surviving text are the "Elf Corner" editorials written by Al's Waiter:

Current and Former Known StaffEdit

  • Nita Incog, Editor (Current)
  • Anon E. Maus, Editor (Current)
  • Stan Grayston, Entertainment Columnist/Critic (Current)
  • Nim de Cagny, Staff Writer/Critic (Current)
  • Arlen Terrag, Staff Writer (Current)
  • Stella Iter, Staff Writer (Current)
  • Starwind Rohana, Editor (2006 edition)
  • Estelnar Celebduin, Editor (2006 edition)
  • Various agents and staff, Guest Contributors (2006 edition)

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