Timbledim is a Narnian who works in the Medical Department. He is free for anyone to use.

Timbledim was recruited from "The Humor of Aslan the Great" (along with Agent Tadkeeta) by Agents Suicide and Diocletian. In his home fic, he was known as Professor Timbledim and reputed to be a "historical expert." Su and Dio thought he would end up working in FicPsych, but aside from being involved in a joint Medical-FicPsych project with Dr. Freedenberg once, he seems to have settled in as a Medical nurse.

He was in a coma between December 2007 and October 2008 HST due to injuries suffered at the hands of Agent Cameron of the DBS, who had a mad hatred of all Narnians. Cameron died in the Macrovirus Epidemic, before Timbledim could identify him as his assailant.

Appearances Edit

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