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It's often said in the mission reports that the PPC has a high turnover rate. The sad fact is, one-fourth of all agents go inactive after a single mission, and two-thirds go inactive after three or fewer; most of the missions on The Complete List of PPC Fiction are by agents who are now inactive. So far, the only spin-offs to meet The Original Series' 20-chapter mark are IndeMaat's Agents Allison and Tasmin, Trojanhorse and Paddlebrains's Agents Trojie and Pads, Tawaki and his crew of agents, and Dafydd, Constance, and Selene of DOGA. So, a word to the wise: Before joining the PPC as an agent, make sure that you can stand a high quantity of psychological trauma!

The most common reasons for agents to leave the PPC is insanity, closely followed by death. A few have gone MIA, retired, or been Decommissioned.

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