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    blue pearl 


    Tue Jun 6, 2017 7:36pm

    Well, hi, I guess. This is my first post, after all. So, well, that's really it. And also, I apparently decided to write this like I'm actually saying it. 

      • Hi there! — The Triumvirate, Wed Jun 7 11:15am Welcome to the PPC! From your name, can it be assumed that you're a Steven Universe fan? (If so, have hugs. If not, have an Archive Binge of Steven Universe.) Either way, for your Newbie Gift, have a full set of roleplaying dice! Usually, I give them some boring theme like "space" or "chocolates", but yours are all carved from gemstones! Enjoy your murder dice.
      • *looks to the side* Pearl...? — Green Diamond (totally not Matt Cipher), W…

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