Dark Brother 16

aka Dark Brother 16

  • I live in The State of Texas, in the United States of America
  • I was born on January 9
  • My occupation is I am a full time College student.
  • I am Male
  • Dark Brother 16

    I meant to add to this blog for quite some time, but have only recently gotten the chance to.

    I have been doing quite a lot of research into the PPC and its history, and unlike when I tried and didn't get permission, I now know what I am doing much better than I had. A big score for me.

    I have also been giving my agents that I used in my previous permission request a needed makeover. I am very pleased with how they are turning out. I may even be ready to ask again soon. Not too soon, though. I don't want to come across as annoying. I may take another week or so to choose new writing prompts and write them well, aside from adding the finishing touches to my agents.

    Lastly, I am already planning the expansive careers of my agents, when they are…

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  • Dark Brother 16

    Hello, everyone! Dark Brother 16 here, and I am going to be using this blog to document my progress in creating cohesion and coexistence between the PPC and my own series, Imaginations Collide.

    The first thing that I must do is create Imaginations Collide. I have first drafts for several episodes of Imaginations Collide, but nothing has been posted as of yet. I will most likely post the episodes to an as of yet non existent website dedicated to the series.

    After that, I will create tie ins with the PPC. I am officially a member of both the PPC and Imaginations Collide (How weird would it be if I was not a member of my own series' staff?), so it's all a matter of working out the wrinkles after I begin posting PPC missions and Imaginations Col…

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