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  • I am male
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    Title page by Kris (née Miss Graubart):

    DISCLAIMER: The Harry Potter series of books was created by Joanne K. Rowling. I'm just playing in her precious and delightful garden, and I solemnly swear to leave it as neatly in order as I found it. If you haven't read these books yet, go and do it now. Then, if you still want more of the same, come back here. Everything you recognize is obviously not my creation, and I don't claim it.

    During many years in the Improper Use of Magic Office, Mafalda Hopkirk had seen nearly everything, from magical accidents through thoughtless play to deliberate attempts to fool the Ministry. But this one was new and unexpected. Mafalda glared at the Trace's printout, blinked and glared again, but it did not vanish or c…

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  • Hieronymus Graubart

    But now I’m wondering whether I should have read this wall of text near the end before I signed the form and handed it in.

    Official Fanfiction University of Azeroth - Application Form:

    Name: Anonymous Hieronymus Graubart

    Gender: male

    Race: human

    Hair: brown, receding hairline

    Eyes: petrol blue (that’s what my fashion advisor called it)

    Skin/Fur: pale pink

    Other distinguishing physical traits (facial hair, tail deformities, notches in ears, etc.): spectacles, lots of facial hair varying in colour from brown at the temples to grey at the chin

    Allegiance: Alliance / Horde / Burning Legion / Scourge (Choose ONE) Circle of Gennarius

    Class: Hunter / Warrior / Rogue / Druid / Paladin / Priest / Mage / Warlock / Shaman / Death Knight / Monk / Civilian (Choose ONE)

    If you ar…

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