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  • I was born on November 16
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  • KittyNoodles

    Not on purpose, and not in real life!

    One of my friends asked me if she could create a blood elf hunter of her own on my Warcraft account about two weeks back. I thought, Okay, cool, here's a chance to get one of my friends hooked on WoW, and told her to knock herself out.

    Well, she did. Hard.

    Not physically, of course, because that would be silly and might also cause her serious pain when she woke up, not to mention the risk of concussion and--[really long medical bantering ripped straight from Untold Stories of the ER]. No, I mean she knocked herself out in the most brutal way she could manage it while still remaining metaphorical (and conscious).

    Through some rather unladylike - and severely unrepentant - snooping, I discovered something just a …

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  • KittyNoodles

    So the new talent system in World of Warcraft sucks icicles. I had my level 73 Beast Mastery Huntress about two-thirds through the old talent tree system, and now cluster system has wiped all of those out and forces me to choose one talent from each level cluster. And the level clusters are 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90. Six talents.

    Also, poor Roahega (my dragonhawk) has only six talent-based powers in place of his original twenty.

    With my newer characters, this doesn't bug me so much, because, well, none of them are higher than level 25. But Eroeda's my baby. I fought for a year and a half to get her to where she was pre-Pandaria; I chose every one of those talents as her current location and level demanded them. I hand-picked her ski…

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  • KittyNoodles

    So, this past week I traveled to Paris, France with my parents and brother. As I posted on the PPC Board, the first thing I noticed on arrival were the giant pigeons. I was not exaggerating (well, not very much) when I said those things were as big as my cat. I think Pax would have actually lost a fight with one of them, if we had brought her along. They were that big.

    Also, my father is no longer allowed to plan vacation days for the family, as he had us walk to the Eiffel Tower and back on the first day (that was a round trip of about six miles, because he can't read maps) and then to Notre Dame and back (about five miles total) on the second day. On the third day, we woke to our feet resembling crispy-fried taters and our legs and backs spon…

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