Okay, so, this might not seem like very big news, but I just felt like sharing this with other peeps. :)

I'm writing my own story! It's not a Fanfiction, it's an original story. Namely, a fantasy called Myths of Nymphia. Here's some of what I've worked out!

The Story

Five years prior, the Wizards' Council, after sorting out problems in a village, is returning to the Rosemari Palace. Buuuuuuuut disaster, as it tends to do, strikes. A not-so-subtle assassination attempt occurs that kills several mages, General Coral, and the current Lord of the Council, Reyman Ashe. Oh, and did we mention Reyman's daughter Soleil watches his slow, painful death?

And since then, things have changed a lot. For one, Soleil's sixteen now, and serving as the new Lord of the Council. She's also crazy evil. Also, the daughter of Coral Lake, Aquaria Lake, is on her sixth year at Rosemari, which Soleil (and the Council. But mostly Soleil) is running. All seems fine and dandy.

Then, two students disappear, and when one of them come back, they're acting odd. And crazy evil.

Now, with help from one of her instructors, Aquaria's got to put the puzzle pieces together and find out what the smackaroo is happening.

The Characters (Not Complete)

  • Aquaria Lake: The main protagonist. Aquaria's a rare kind of witch. Namely, she's an Elemental, who can bend the elements to her will. Buuuuut she's only a Water Mage, she can only control water. Calm and humble and one heck of a sweetheart, Aquaria's someone you'd want to be around.
  • Soleil Ashe: The main antagonist.

Question Time!

What do you think of this idea? Do you have any ideas for improvements? Do you have any predictions, and if so, what are they? See you later on for another update on Myths of Nymphia!

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