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Hello, everybody!

I'm really just making this blog post to earn an achievement badge. But since a single line of text is super boring, I have some things to plug!

First up, this guy does hilarious sketches involving various terrible internet comments. Maybe you've heard of him, maybe not. Go watch him regardless, he's very...PPC-ish.

This guy right here writes really good fanfiction/original fiction, and he's currently doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon SoulSilver. Give him a read, especially his My Little Pony fanfiction!

Also, if you like funny comics, consider checking out LizDraws, formerly known as KirbyDrawer. She has a whole series of Nuzlocke comics, plus FNaF fanart (if, y'know, you're actually into that) and FiM doodles :D

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