• Meow139

    TOS Sues Are Getting Pictures

    November 20, 2012 by Meow139

    I'm sure some people have noticed that some of the TOS Mary Sues have been getting pictures recently. Yes, it's true. I'm behind those, and I intend to make visuals for each TOS Sue.

    The dollmaker I use gives specific wardrobe sets, and they don't have a Middle Earth set. So this won't be very easy for me to put together, but I really want to try. Don't expect them to be perfect, because some of the Sues (coughKylinacough) have incredibly stupid outfits.

    If you like my pictures and want me to make one for a Sue that YOU killed, or even for an agent, ask me here on my talk page. I'm meow139 on the Board, if you want to ask me there.

    Thanks for reading!

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