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    I'm gonna chuck some thoughts up here just to start getting organized. It will probably change dramatically. I'll put it up for discussion when it's in a state to be worth discussing. {= )

    In order to do something well, it is crucial to understand the purpose of what you are doing. In the case of role-playing, that purpose is to create a story in cooperation with other people.

    Role-playing isn't quite the same as co-writing. Role-play can be more or less improvised, but is generally more improv than plot. A role-play also has as many main characters as there are players, whereas a co-written story must focus on a select number, like any other story.

    In order to work, a role-play must be enjoyable for everyone taking part in it. It is crucial …

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  • Neshomeh

    by Jennifer Robinson

    So, you've got yourself a Pernese fire-lizard egg. Congratulations! Fire-lizards are great companions: affectionate, intelligent, and quite useful with proper training.

    If you're not from Pern, though, you may not be familiar with these beautiful creatures and how to care for them outside of their natural habitat. This guide is intended to fix that. Before we dive in, though, there are three things you really need to know about fire-lizards:

    1. They're not lizards!
      In fact, they're not much like anything in the animal kingdom most of us are familiar with. They are warm-blooded and they don't have scales, so they're not reptiles; they don't have hair or nurse their young, so they're not mammals or monotremes, either.
    2. They won't…
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  • Neshomeh

    What Neshomeh Is Up To

    January 14, 2014 by Neshomeh

    Hi, guys! I've been thinking for a while that I might make use of this blog service to give myself a handy checklist of what I'm doing on the wiki and elsewhere PPC-wise, and to make myself a little more transparent and accountable. This might also give me a place to talk about stuff like obscure orthographic rules, or whatever else is buzzing in my bonnet. We'll see!

    Status: Ongoing

    The "titles" project started with editing all the continua pages, continued into editing all the agent pages, and keeps on anytime I see a page with incorrectly styled titles.

    Just a reminder: titles of long works get italics. Titles of short works get "double quotes" on pages with American usage or 'single quotes' on pages with UK/Commonwealth usage. Please remembe…

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