• Pippa's Ghost

    Ok, so here's the second of my ideas for agents. Feel free to comment below on whether you think she's suitable.

    The mixed ancestry is simply because I couldn't find any canonical female Dunlending names, so decided to make her part Rohirrim and use an Anglo-Saxon name instead. (It's not intended to make her speshul, since I like to believe this racial mix probably occurred fairly often, despite Helm Hammerhand's violent attempt at preserving the Aryan racial purity of his people!)

    Race: Human (Dunlending, but with some Rohirrim ancestry)

    Home Continuum: Arda

    Age: 21

    Hair: Blonde, usually worn in a messy bun

    Eyes: Grey

    Partner: Sean Bellman

    History: She's from a semi-fic blip, an unwritten Boromance in which she was a member of a group of Dunlending ban…

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  • Pippa's Ghost

    Since I've foolishly decided to seek Permission, I'll have to create some agents. Well, maybe "create" is the wrong word. It's more like finding them in all the ideas that dance through my head of their own volition.

    So, anyway, here's the first one. (Actually he's the last one I found, but I'm posting them in storyline order. Never mind. It makes sense to me.) Feel free to comment and let me know if he'll be suitable.

    Department: DMS

    Partner: Agent Hild (at the start of the story arc, although this will change)

    Species: Human

    Home Continuum: World One

    Age: 27

    Hair: Dark, cut short

    Eyes: Brown

    Skin: Pale Brown

    History: Sean worked as a reader for a small publishing company, vetting unsolicited manuscripts from the slush pile. As most of them were, to…

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