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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on August 30
  • I am Female
  • VibravaMajic

    Hello people of the internet! I am here to give those gamers out there a place to share their favourite games or, like the title says, games you know but haven't found anyone else who knows it.

    Who knows, maybe you'll find someone who has heard of the game.

    To start things off I would like to share one of my favourite games of all time: SolaToRobo: Red the Hunter. Haven't heard of it? To be expected. The game is for the DS and is so amazing the theme song has gotten stuck in my head. As of right now I have not found a single person who has heard of it, but maybe one of you guys has. I suggest you check it out, it does have a great plot and cool sprites. It could end up as one of your favourites one day.

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  • VibravaMajic

    After watching the very informative show of Game Theory I have decided to listen to them. Their point was that both Neville and Harry could have been the Chosen One. Obviously Harry is the one that everyone knows is chosen, but what do you think about Neville? I suggest you check out that video and make your final thoughts here. The video is on Movie Theory which is connected to The Game Theorists channel on youtube. //Now Closed//

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